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12 January 2014
Online Gasmixer
I've added a simple gasmixing page for blending nitrox and trimix.
It should work well from your tablet or phone as well.
Check it out!

12 January 2014
Updates to the Top 5 ranking
Updated the 5 most popular pages for December and added most popular downloads as well.

12 January 2014
Site was broken
Due to an upgrade the site was broken. Big thanks to Matthew Jenkins for letting me know.

What is this site all about?

Well, it's about scuba diving and how to have fun diving while doing it as safely as possible!

DIR is an abbreviation for Doing It Right which is a system for diving safely.

You may find information here about dive procedures that may actually kill you without proper training.

This site isn't in any way affiliated with any manufacturer, organisation or commercial interest.


Peter Steinhoff

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2. Stagebottle rigging

3. Adjust the backplate/harness

4. Reg configuration for stages

5. How to rig the backup regulator

Top 5 Downloads
Your favorite downloads for 2013.

1. Gasblending fill chart

2. Minimum deco table metric

3. Audio from DIR 3 (4th part)

4. Exploring Cave 3 (GUE class report)

5. US Navy diving manual (complete)

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