About this site

I have put some info about DIR diving on this site and from emails I know a lot of you find it useful. This is an independent, unsponsored web site and that is why you don't see any ads or manufacturer bias here.

In the time of writing (15 Sept 2006), dir-diver.com is ranked very high on google (international). If you search for DIR diver dir-diver.com is ranked no 1 and no 2 if you search for DIR Diving.

The actual servers are located in the United States but dir-diver.com (I bet you didn't know) have visitors from all over the world. Well, more or less anyway.

This is a little list of countries I compiled from the statistics on dir-diver.com during July-August 2006.

If I forgot anybody please forgive me. Just drop me an email and I'll put your country up there too. Don't be afraid if your english is not good, mine needs some work too.

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