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How to rig drygloves

It's been almost two years since I took these pictures,
but since I receive a steady stream of questions,
I will try to answer them here :-)

These are drygloves with a latex seal and it's my preference over ringsystems.
The gloves are manufactured by Nordic Blue amongst others.
Normally they come with insulation attached to the glove, but sometimes I remove it.
Some people feel that they a prone to puncture but I don't have that problem.
You could of course use any glove and glue latex seals on them if you like.

You need to be able to equalize your gloves, otherwise you can't dive deep and you are going to get cold.
If your gloves has insulation in them you can take an old cut off sock and put it on before you put your suit on.
This way you have additional warmth on your wrist and the gloves are "connected" to the suit.

If you rip your glove, water is going to get up your sleeves but the process is slow,
and your hands are going to get extremely cold before you can even feel the water in your suit.
That's why there is no reason to bother with straws, tubes or anything else for equlization.
In really cold water - taking off you gloves to fix something, is not an option...

After that you put your dryglove on and the dryglove seals to the latex seals on your suit.
You should trim down the seals on your gloves just like you do on your suit.
Otherwise it just going to be difficult to get them on and uncomfortable on longer dives.
You don't need more than an inch of the latex seal.

With a little practise you can take them on and off without any help and pretty fast too.

I always put my gloves on before putting my gear on.
That way I get a "free" practise session each time.

If you don't have any insultion in your gloves you can use a thicker glove as underwear.
Actually any combination of gloves and socks works.
In the winter I use a thin glove with cut of fingertips for equlization and
a thick thinsulate glove over that for insulation.

Good luck and happy cold water diving!

Peter Steinhoff 2001-2002

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