The Swedish Dumpvalve Modification

Make the lower pulldump easier to use by replacing the original
slippery string with a piece of thick caveline.
If you have a ball attached to line - cut it off.
It's not necessary and it can get stuck between stages
making it impossible to inflate the wings.

This is nice even if you don't use gloves!

1. Unscrew the dumpvalve located on the lower left side of your wings.

2. Cut of the string and remove the rubber seal (it's glued on).

3. Take a piece of caveline 2.8mm / #36
Force it through the hole in the small plate (you may have to drill it).
Make a knot and burn it so that it fits inside.
It's important that it doesn't stick up.
It may take a couple of tries to get it right...

4. Remove the original glue with alcohol and
glue it back with drysuit glue or Aquaseal.

5. Use a drill to make the hole bigger in the dumpvalve (3.8mm).
It's important that the line can't get stuck.

6. Use a permanent marker to color the string black.
Assemble the whole thing and make a knot on the line.
The line should stick out approximately 50mm (2 inches).

7. Make sure that it works and that it dumps on overpressure.
Your done!

Happy Diving!!!

Peter Steinhoff 2002

ⓒ 2002-2014 Peter Steinhoff