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Wreckargon Prototype Mounting

Warning! This is not official "DIR".

This is a version of the cave-style mounting but attaches to the waist belt instead of the doubles.
It's very easy to remove the bottle underwater yet it's fairly stable.
Please feel free to try for yourself and please send me some feedback.

Here you can see an overview and the argon mounted to a singletank setup.
It's a drysuit harness so the D-ring actually sits in the centre of the body, but you knew that already didn't you?

The bottle is held by a loop of webbing with velcro and a piece of innertube on it.
It's attached to the weight retainer (use SS - not plastic) on the waist strap .

Unfortunately you have to attach the weight retainer permanently.
If you want to use backgas or dive a wetsuit, it's pretty easy to remove the loop.
The loop is threaded through the weightretainer and around the bottle.
The bicycle innertube adds friction and holds the webbing together.
If you make it long enough you can put the loose end of the velcro inside the innertube so it doesn't catch a line or something.

As you can see you want to place the weight retainer pretty close to the backplate.
For extra stability you can put a piece of innertube (or shockcord) through a hole in the backplate and wrap it around the top of the bottle. (Could be useful if your taking your equipment on and off alot in the water, i.e. teaching.)

I marked the loop so that I can put it on fast and get in the same position everytime I take it off.
The bottle is a standard US-made 6cuft Luxfer aluminum and the first stage is an Apeks DS4 with an OPV valve.
Route the hose under the waist strap and up to the drysuit inflator.
I use a shorter LP hose (20-22") than if I have my argon attached to the doubles for cavediving (24").

Good luck and don't forget to send me an email!

Peter Steinhoff 2002

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