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DIR II (from video)
DIR III (from video)

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D.I.R II audio files.

Below you will find audio files from the D.I.R. II video.
The first part is George Irvine explaining the D.I.R gear configuration and procedures.
It is really good and contains everything from gasmixing to setting up stages, regs, drysuits etc.
Even without the picture it's almost an hour of essential listening.

DIR II Part 1, 48 min ~7Mb Download Right click and choose "save as" to download.

The second part is George Irvine and Bill Mee talking about various issues,
like deco, the use of helium, gasmixing, risk management and gear rigging.
Here you get the rest of the good stuff.

DIR II Part 2, 42 min ~6.1Mb Download Right click and choose "save as" to download.

The video was made in '98 but almost everything is up to date,
except some references to manufacturing.
The Doing It Right system evolves and the best source of current information is the GUE Quest list.
It requires you to be a member (from $29) but it's well spent money.

The complete D.I.R II video can be purchased from Halcyon.
Besides the the stuff above it also has some nice video from Wakulla in it.

More great info on decompression as well as gear pictures can be found at

The audio has been recorded and edited with the kind permission of George Irvine, Project Director WKPP
Peter Steinhoff 2002

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