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DIR II (from video)
DIR III (from video)

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D.I.R III audio files.

The DIR III video was made in '99 by George Irvine, Bill Mee and Dan Volker but never officially released.

It talks about about basic diving with a single tank setup and how it relates to technical diving. A great deal of this information is also really important to be able to understand some of the more intricate details of DIR diving and equipment.

Burn a CD and listen to it in your car!

Part 1, 9 min ~ 3.3Mb Download
Why DIR and how it applies to all kinds of diving.
Also some comments on the dive industry "inventions".

Part 2, 13 min ~ 4.4Mb Download
Info about regulators and the backup, third reg and sharing gas.
Also details like knife, weight belt, compass, bottomtimer, computer and backup lights

Part 3, 7 min ~ 2.5Mb Download
The basics of weighting, tank selection and protection suits.

Part 4, 4 min ~ 1.2Mb Download
Wings, their construction and failure modes.

Part 5, 10 min ~ 3.3Mb Download
Discussion about standardized equipment and standardized solutions to problems you encounter.
Also a bit about diving with a buddy and redundancy.

Part 6, 4 min ~ 1.3Mb Download
Detailed info about pony bottles and how to rig one.
A part about stage & decobottles and the gas switch procedure.

Part 7, 8 min ~ 2.7Mb Download
Harness & backplate setup with some info on quick releases,
import things about the crotch strap and D-ring placement.

Right click and choose "save as" to download.

More pictures and info can be found at

The whole video, which also contains some nice cavediving shots, may also be found here as a 300 Mb .wmv file.
This link may or may not work :-)

The audio was recorded and edited with the kind permission of George Irvine, Project Director WKPP
Peter Steinhoff 2003

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